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Re: ???????debian tutorial??????????????????:)

On 21 Sep 99, at 20:22, Anthony Wong wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 18, 1999 at 09:28:15PM -0500, Da Jun wrote:
> |
> |One question to all: Is there any peer review process for this
> translation |project?
> Alex Wang will proofread the Simplified Chinese version, I will try my
> best to read the Traditional Chinese version. I hope I can find one or
> two more friends to ensure the consistency of use of words in this
> book.

Well, as I am not very strong in translation, especially in chinese word typing. Please let me help on the proofread. I will try my best and analysis related material for the words to make sure it's as correct and professional as possible. I think reading material and handleing analysis is not as load as chinese words typing ... I can confirm and sure that I will give the outcome as soon as Ican.


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