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Re: Bug#249570: openjade1.3 should provide openjade

On Jun 16, Gerfried Fuchs (rhonda@deb.at) wrote:
 > * Neil Roeth <neil@debian.org> [2004-11-11 18:10:24 CET]:
 > > I'm the openjade maintainer, as well as jade and opensp.
 > > 
 > > I think the best approach would be to create an openjade1.4 package, keep the
 > > openjade1.3 package, then transform the openjade package to one that simply
 > > depends on openjade1.3.  This is analogous to the relationship between gcc,
 > > gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.4.
 >  Only thing to keep in mind (besides that this response comes after
 > three and a half year and the suggestion is still not done) that
 > openjade1.3 would propably need to set an epoch for the openjade package
 > at least so that it has a newer version than the current openjade(1.4)
 > package.

Thanks, I will keep that in mind.

 >  Peter, on a sidenote - do you think slony1 would have less problems
 > with using openjade1.3 instead of openjade? My quick testbuild on
 > powerpc made it work, I though have to wait for Aurel32 to give me his
 > ACK for trying that out on an arm box.

Is the problem Peter's having the segfault on arm?  Those are actually due to
the opensp package, which both openjade and openjade1.3 depend on, so
I wouldn't expect switching to openjade1.3 to change that.

Neil Roeth

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