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Catalog data for XML versions of ISO character-entity sets

I've opened bug 383507 against the xml-core package.


The bug relates to the fact that the XML versions of the ISO
8879:1986 character-entity sets are officially maintained by the
W3 with the canonical base URI for them being:


The xml-core package adds data to the Debian XML and SGML catalog
systems for resolving the FPI for those character-entity sets, but
adds no data for resolving the canonical system ID for them.

Some mechanisms for resolving URIs using catalogs are configured
by default to prefer system IDs -- for example, the Apache XML
Commons Resolver (libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java package); see
the /etc/xml/resolver/CatalogManager.properties file.

So when you use the XML Commons Resolver on a Debian system with a
XML/XSL file that references the ISO 8879:1986 character-entity
sets using their FPIs and the official www.w3.org URI as a system
ID, the resolver checks the system ID, and finding no mapping for
it in the Debian catalog system, initiates a remote HTTP request
to the www.w3.org site to retrieve the entity files.

To prevent that, the package should add data for resolving the
system ID using the base URL above.


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