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[tux-master@web.de: Bug#213332: Incompatibility with sgmltexi]


Any help is resolving the issue discussed below is appreciated.

Please keep Jens Cc'ed since he's probsbly eager to hear a solution.


----- Forwarded message from Jens Seidel <tux-master@web.de> -----

From: Jens Seidel <tux-master@web.de>
Subject: Bug#213332: Incompatibility with sgmltexi
To: Philippe Batailler <philippe.batailler@free.fr>, 213332@bugs.debian.org
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 22:56:42 +0200
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On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 07:25:05PM +0200, Philippe Batailler wrote:
>  Jens Seidel <tux-master@web.de> ?crivait :
>   ? Package: debiandoc-sgml
>   ? whenever the sgmltexi package is installed, I get the following
>   ? error:
>   ? 
>   ? $ debiandoc2latexdvi  -l fr quick-reference.fr.sgml
>   ? nsgmls:quick-reference.fr.sgml:52:12:E: the name and vi delimiter can be
>   ? omitted from an attribute specification only if SHORTTAG YES is
>   ? specified
> The manpage for nsgmls states that " If the declaration is omitted 
> and there is no applicable SGMLDECL entry in a  catalog,  
> the  following declaration will be implied [...]"
> When the sgmltexi package is installed, there is a SGMLDECL entry in 
> /usr/share/sgml/sgmltexi/sgmltexi.cat, which points to sgmltexi.dcl;
> and this sgmltexi.dcl contains: SHORTTAG  NO !

Thanks, for your reply, but I don't think that this solves the problem.

Long time ago I read the nsgmls documentation, it's not easy to
understand and is deterrently.
What should I do when I want to use both packages?  Currently I do not
use sgmltexi nevertheless I installed all sgml related packages.

alias debiandoc2html=debiandoc2html -d \
[the same for *latex, *latexps, ...]
the solution?  debiandoc2* tools are used to process Debian Doc SGML,
are other SGML declarations useful?

I still do not know whether the problem is related to debiandoc2sgml,
sgmltexi, sp, ..., but I know that debiandoc2sgml doesn't work.
Is there a way to coexist for all declarations or is somewhere a
Conflicts: line missing?

I mainly reported this bug so that others know what they have to do when
debiandoc2sgml tools fail.


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