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Re: Formation of SGML/XML Policy Group

FYI, "thot.org" is someone else (and I'm already on debian-sgml.) 

This does seem like the kind of thing that needs a focus-person
(serving as document editor but also has "driver" in terms of figuring
out what needs doing an asking for help or at least argument or
consensus on those bits...) rather than yet-another-list.  I'd
actually expect most-if-not-all of the discussion to belong on

Do I understand correctly that the long-term goal here is to have high
quality XML/SGML support in LSB?  With Debian as the "testbed" in the
sense that we're closest to having something useful and would thus be
the most effective contributors, and as a side effect would help
formalize and "flesh out" the Debian XML/SGML support as well?

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