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Re: Formation of SGML/XML Policy Group

>>"Mark" == Mark Johnson <mrj@debian.org> writes:

 Mark> I'm thinking it'd make good sense to make some sort of official policy
 Mark> document, with associated author group, to compose a new Debian policy
 Mark> for packaging, implementation, etc., of XML, SGML, and related stuff.

 Mark> I haven't a clue how to make this happen, which is why I'm writing
 Mark> you.

	I would leave the composition of this group to the experts we

 Mark> Ardo also suggested that we develop some group package management
 Mark> system, with the maintainer being some alias like
 Mark> 'xmlhackers@debian.org', and add maintainers to the list who can
 Mark> upload on behalf of 'xmlhackers@debian.org'.

	Umm. The way it generally happens is that the group of
 experts, and the package maintainers of related packages, come up
 with a working policy. Then comes a testing phase, during which the
 policy is either a part of some package, or is a separate package by
 itself, and may be referred to in the policy document as a

	Finally, when things settle down, and the new subpolicy does
 not change, it is subsumed into the actual policy package, and is
 distributed as official policy; from that point on generic policy
 change protocol has to be followed to amend the document.

	Does this clarify things?

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