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Re: Debian joining OASIS?

Martin WHEELER wrote:
On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Mark Johnson wrote:

On Monday, March 11, Vince Mulhollon wrote:

Could you explain what OASIS provides at a true cost of more than $1000 per


 OASIS is a standards organization, mainly. Mostly they create
 specifications having something to do with XML, like DocBook.


So, how would membership benefit Debian?


                                                       $1000 buys
_every_ debian developer membership in OASIS. That translates to a
little over $1/developer, which is not IMHO unreasonable.

I see a possible/probable snag here.

Me, too. Membership would be useful to the XML, SGML product developers. Maybe to the packagers, assuming they're aren't in the first group, too. Now something like the Austin Group that works on UNIX API standards might be globally interesting enough for Debian to have a specific membership/presence.

All opinions worth $ 0.02.

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