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Re: Debian buster: please prepare your service and its dependencies

Re: Paul Wise 2019-05-31 <[🔎] acfb03f289f11cc472e2ea4ac1a939c37ade4498.camel@debian.org>
> ==> quantz.debian.org <==
> Packages removed from Debian 'testing' (the maintainer might need help):
>  - monotone - https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/monotone

vcswatch uses it, but if it's not maintained, I can just remove it.

There are currently 24 packages maintained in Mtn, but there's only 6
"OK", the rest is "OLD" (17) and "ERROR" (1), so apparently most users
don't care much about vcswatch. (I vaguely remember that I haven't yet
figured out the magic handshake that is the equivalent of "git pull".
Mtn is just weird. (Not as weird as Arch, but still.))

>  - postgrey - https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/postgrey

(System package)


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