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Request for Hosting


I would like to request a VM to host https://gitea.debian.net/. This is being
hosted under my personal DigitalOcean account. It's a bit overkill at the
moment, but that's because I was testing scalability options.

= current resource utilization

A scalable design requires running redis and mariadb. With 500 repositories
imported from collab-maint on alioth, the DB size was ~140 MB. Redis is for
session and template cache and ends up costing almost nothing.

The gitea binary consumes ~45 MB RAM to host the web service, with nginx in
front consuming ~10MB RAM per worker.

= current design (scalability)

The current design is running with two app servers (nginx + gitea) and a
storage server (redis, mariadb, nfs). In this design, the app servers can come
and go without causing problems.

Mariadb has galera and redis has other tools for providing reliability. The
current setup is using a "volume" that can grow over time. I'm aware storage is
an entirely different game so I won't comment further.

= requested resources

I would like to move the current service to a DSA VM with 2-4 CPU cores, ~2
GB RAM, and 40 GB disk. This may, of course, need to grow if the service gains
popularity, but this seems like a reasonable starting point to me.

To whatever extent it's possible, I would like to deploy this the DSA way so
that I can ensure it's consistent with other systems and provide longevity,
should one of my many airplane trips end poorly. I'm bummed this means learning
ansible, but excited to learn something new.

Michael Lustfield

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