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Various Web apps rewrites and coordination ?


You may have noticed in recent months that many Web apps used by Debian
(or new ones) are being worked on. I fear a lack of coordination, even
if ultimately DSA will have to deal with some of it.

For instance, I've been interested in adding some WebID support [0] for
user profiles and maybe SSO features, and it was far from obvious to
figure out where to start... (will post later about WebID specifically).

Bellow are a few projects I've counted, where I may have a potential venue
for contributing... of course, I'd prefer to chose the best place to
start with, instead of having to re-do similar additions several
times. Fortunately, Django seems a quite common technology in many
past/ongoing efforts :

 - db.debian.org's userdir-ldap, being rewritten by Luca Filipozzi, as a
   django app [1],
 - contributors.debian.org, being written by Enrico Zini et al. as a
   django app [2],
 - nm.debian.org, which has been rewritten recently (some coordination
   seems to happen with the former), as a django app [3]
 - the PTS being rewritten as Distro Tracker, also as a Django app [4],

I've tried to update a few pointers in [5], but I may have missed a few

Unless I'm mistaken, there's not much coordination effort so far between
different participants to these projects (some are GSOC, and there may
be some overlap of mentors and developers of other services, etc.).

I've noticed that Enrico intended the current list to be quite low
traffic, so I'm not sure this is the place to discuss interop of the
different apps, but hoping noone minds, I think it may be interesting to
try and make sure many people involved in the above can hang around here
to try and maximize coordination.

Maybe I'm just worrying about nothing...

Any comments ?

Best regards,

[0] https://wiki.debian.org/WebIDDebianNet
[1] https://github.com/LucaFilipozzi/ud
[2] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/FrontDesk/DcSiteDevel
[3] https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/FrontDesk/NmSiteDevel
[4] https://wiki.debian.org/qa.debian.org/distro-tracker
[5] https://wiki.debian.org/Services
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