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Re: Idea: centralized spamassassin bayes (SQL) database

Martin Zobel-Helas schrieb am Sunday, den 11. September 2011:


> i would be interested what other people think about a centralized
> Spamassassin Bayes Database.
> We do have several services that use mail heavyly that could profit from
> a central bayes database. Services that come in mind here:
> * lists.debian.org
> * bugs.debian.org
> * packages.debian.org
> * packages.qa.debian.org
> * popcon.debian.org
> * ddtp.debian.org
> * vote.debian.org
> This is only an idea, i didn't yet think about hard about any
> consequences, thus do not flame me too hard, if you think this is a bad
> idea.
Like most statistic datebases you need to train them - on a personal base -
it doesn't work very well if take different user profiles (like a list, a
bts, user mail and so on) into one database, as they can vary much based on
the profile or language. So from my experience with bayes databases in the
last years I don't think this is a good idea.


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