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Re: How to get 100% secure debian system?

On 2023-01-22 at 20:30 +0300, Roman wrote:
> Hello. I'm a Windows 10 user. Unfortunately, I've used a lot of
> cracked programs in the past. I want to switch to debian and use only
> legal software. I want to write debian netinst to a flash drive. Is
> it possible that the distribution on the flash drive will be hacked
> through a Trojan or the sources of downloaded files from the server
> will be changed during installation? I create websites. It is
> important for me to know that my system is 100% secure and
> information is not shared with third parties.

While highly unlikely, that's of course possible. That's the
bootstrapping problem. In order to ensure that you have a legitimate
install disk, you would need to create/receive it from a safe source
(e.g. if your computer is compromise, you might not even be downloading
it from the actual site!)
You could buy a new computer that came with Debian preinstalled
(assuming you trust the manufacturer and seller), or you could ask a
local user group to provide an installer for you (if you trust them to
give you a safe medium)... you will need to trust someone/something.

Once you have a trusted host, it can be used for ensuring further
updates can be trusted.

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