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Re: Concerns about Security of packages in Debain OS and the Operating system itself.

On Tue, 2022-05-24 at 16:27 +0100, piorunz wrote:

> Important note: Disabling bullseye-updates is actually causing
> point-release updates to be delivered on one, predetermined date,
> bundled all together. By disabling this entry you still get them all,
> but in controlled fashion, you are not "beta tester" of these packages.

This is not exactly correct. The bullseye-updates suite should be used
by almost all users. The only suite where you are really a beta tester
for the next point release is bullseye-proposed-updates. The other two
suites recieve only very important updates:

bullseye: read-only except during point releases

bullseye-security: receives security updates regularly

bullseye-updates: receives occasional time-sensitive and important
updates, such as updates to the timezone database, which often happen
just days before the timezone changes, or fixes for packages that get
completely broken by some external services on the Internet, or fixes
for packages that were initially broken but that wasn't found. There
are only three updates in it currently, two of them are updates to the
timezone database and one is clamav, which sometimes needs updates so
it can continue to pull in antivirus detections.


bullseye-proposed-updates: the contents of the next point release;
some changes come from bullseye-security, some from bullseye-updates
and some from package maintainers.




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