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Re: CVE-2017-5715


On Wed, Mar 30, 2022 at 09:31:32AM +0000, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 30, 2022 at 09:36:58AM +0200, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
> > Le 30/03/2022 à 07:07, Salvatore Bonaccorso a écrit :
> > > Sylvestre and Holger, would you have time to include the bugfix as
> > > well in the future bullseye point release?
> > Sure, should be easy.
> > Is there a timeline?
> as the last point release was last weekend the next one will probably
> happen in around two months.
> that said, one can file an SRM bug now and do the upload now as well too. :)

Right. And additionally in cases where there is some need (maybe not
here), but like tzdata updates or clamav, updates can go earlier as
well via a SUA and stable-updates.


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