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intel-microcode not fixing CVE-2018-3640, CVE-2018-3615 on Debian 10?

Installing package intel-microcode in Debian 10 (Buster) mitigates most vulnerabilities as per spectre-meltdown-checker. However, CVE-2018-3640 and CVE-2018-3615 are still displayed as unmitigated after reboot, with spectre-meltdown-checker --explain (executed as su) pointing to missing microcode upgrades.

According to the Debian package description of intel-microcode, the two vulnerabilities are fixed in the current version of the package.

This occurs in exactly the same way on two different machines, one with an i5-3320M CPU and another one with an E3-1235L v5.

If I remember correctly, I was all green as per spectre-meltdown-checker in Debian 9 (Stretch).

Does anybody have an explanation and/or fix for this issue?

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