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Re: new hash algorithim for git and maybe a goal for Bullseye ?

* shirish शिरीष:

> I was shared this [1] and while it's important, it is equally
> important to point out that the work isn't complete atm.  From what
> little I know, almost all Debian's work is now using git (there may be
> some subversion, some mercurial repos) but most of the work has now
> been using gitlab/salsa [2] .

> 1. https://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/811068/cfeb6a67b8dfbe47/
> 2. salsa.debian.org

The Salsa service is not essential for package maintenance and is kept
at arm's length from the archive.  Debian does not build directly out
of Git, uploaders still have to create a self-contained source package
by an out-of-bands process.  Whether that is better than building from
essentially a SHA-1 hash (like building out of Git would be like in
some obvious implementations) in terms of the audit trail it provides
is difficult to decide.

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