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debcheckroot v2.0 released

Dear readers of debian-security

  I have just released debcheckroot-v2.0: https://www.elstel.org/debcheckroot/

The new tool can be used to check a Debian installation also against previously unknown rootkits. It has many improvements towards debcheckroot-v1.0:

  • usage of direct comparison or creation and usage of sha-256 lists instead of the unsafe md5sums provided in the package header
  • allow usage of multiple changeable media: i.e. DVD & BD-SL verification rather than just BD-DL verification
  • testing of symbolic links, of user, group and file-mode
  • scanning the home directory for odd filenames that contain control characters, on request: listing all hidden binary files in the home directory
  • download only mode + shuffling of download order for package download via Tails/Tor and subsequent offline verification
  • use of Python3 instead of Perl with built in support for tar, xzip, gzip and bzip2; no more external helper programs required, works from any live cd!
  • Finally debcheckroot-v1.0 did no more work with current versions of Debian as Debian now uses xzip instead of gzip. The new program supports any of xzip, gzip and bz2 for compression of the data.tar.xz and the controls .tar.xz inside the .deb ar-archive. Files are merely unpacked in memory so debcheckroot keeps being quite efficient.

    I would be happy to discuss the new release here or to assist anyone who wants to test the new tool!


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