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Bug#941018: ibus 1.5.21-1 does not work with qt5 applications

X-Debbugs-CC: debian-security@lists.debian.org

在 2019-09-23一的 17:52 +0200,Gunnar Hjalmarsson写道:
> It may be worth mentioning that Ubuntu's security team has disabled 
> CVE-2019-14822.patch in the stable releases for now.

(With my Debian Input Method Team member hat on)

While we are still waiting for an upstream fix, I think having security flaw
might be better than broken, at least in Sid. Maybe we could revert the
problematic CVE fix for now? Of course it would be best if anyone can come up
with a patch that fixes both CVE-2019-14822 and the usability issue for Qt5

I'm also interested in the attitude of Security Team towards the broken ibus
in buster-security.

Boyuan Yang

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