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Re: Two HDD on Desktop PC

Unless needed for physical security reasons I do not like to encrypt disks.
If the H/W fails you will recover nothing from the disk.

I presume each is a boot/root disk for the particular distro.
Just don't mount the 'other' disk, other being the distro you have not booted from.

Each disk should have a unique /etc/fstab

On 8/4/19 5:57 PM, Ruslanas Gžibovskis wrote:
1) Unmount deb partition on mint and remove it from /etc/fstab
2) If you just do not want to see it, run: find / -type f -delete 
3) before booting into hdd 1 remove hdd2. Before booting hdd2 remove hdd1
4) install Windows or bubuntu on both hdd

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