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Which one is better solution?

Sometimes, I use a sudo command with -s options for keeping
environment variables for users account(sudoer). I also know -s option
runs the shell specified by the SHELL environment variable. But the
SHELL environment variable can be manipulated by other users having
the same privilege.

So, I think an adversary is able to abuse the changing SHELL
environment variable for privilege escalation like a video below. (I
assume the adversary owned the permission for executing a shell on a

https://youtu.be/JSQjIm7377o (unlisted state)

I know it is uncertain when the sudo is executed with -s option by sudoer.

Anyway, I have thought of the solutions to the issue below.
 - using a pkexec of a Policy kit,
 - disable a ptrace function via kernel.yama.ptrace_scope, CAP_SYS_PTRACE.

Could you give some advice and comments?


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