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Re: Iptables

On Fri, 31 Mar 2017 09:44:01 PM R Calleja wrote:
> can anybody help me. I have security issues and I have to reinstall
> the system every year.
> Set up a firewall with iptables as the attachment and now block
> connections as you can see in the dmesg attachment.

Debian-user is probably a better list for this, or ask for help at your local 

As a general rule firewalls don't stop systems being compromised.  A 
desktop/laptop system generally requires a local user to perform so much 
network access that there's nothing that can be usefully blocked.

Also blocking all ICMP isn't going to help you, the "ping of death" bug has 
been fixed.  Buffer overflows are not restricted to ICMP, it's been a problem in 
most protocols in various ways.

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