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Re: Security features in the upcoming release (Stretch)

On 9/23/2016 12:42 PM, Reed Black wrote:
On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 6:42 AM, Jonathan Hutchins
<hutchins@tarcanfel.org <mailto:hutchins@tarcanfel.org>> wrote:

    It is difficult for me to rationalize a serious concern for
    with the idea that one should lie back and expect the
    packaging team to
    take care of it all for you.  If you are concerned with
    security, you
    should be actively configuring security features yourself,
    not expecting
    that someone else has the same priorities that you do.

Advance notice of what's landing helps an engineer know what to
focus on, and where work would be duplicated. Resources are
finite. That includes time. Not everything needs to be done in
house in order to be "serious."

I'll take it one step further.
Mr. Hutchins never responded to questions raised by Mr. Largo.
Mr. Hutchins may have multiple PhD's in "Internet Security" with decades of experience.
I am actually an "END USER". I've been told I am an "administrator" *SOLELY* because I'm the ultimate authority of the multiple systems residing on my table top .

Mr. Largo has evidently done his "homework".
He, and those like me, deserve a polite/germane/relevant response.

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