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RE: "Ian Murdock" Death


Denny - 

I would counter-argue that this is one of the most important real
security issues that exists right now
and this may have caused the breach of 100s or 1,000s of critical
servers in the last 2 years.

Once I have all of the answers I need, I will exit the list unless
invited back.  Several more questions:

   * Did anyone go to Ian's funeral and/or -personally witness- his
death or body?  The coroner
     is not responding.

   * Is it possible Ian could have altered trusted M.I.T. distributions
in order to compromise
     a number of critical government servers (imagine biological / virus
research stuff as an
     example) and then faked his own death to "disappear" after having
been paid a lot of money?

Is the above possible and/or could have happened?


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Can anyone please delete him from this mailing list? This has NOTHING to
do with any security relevanted stuff... so please stop it guys!

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