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Call for testing - libxslt update


I have prepared an update for libxslt. There are several changes, so I'd
appreciate some more testing. I have verified some of the fixes with the test
cases from upstream or my own. However there were a couple of patches that
require clang's address sanitizer, which is not available in wheezy (as it was
only introduced in clang 3.1). There was another patch with no test case that I
couldn't verify.

For a potential Jessie update, all patches should apply cleanly except for 0011
which isn't needed there as it's already included in 1.1.28.

For unstable, we should get 1.1.29 uploaded, which includes all the fixes. I
have just reported a bug about that.

Debdiff is at https://people.debian.org/~pochu/lts/libxslt/wheezy.debdiff

Packages (amd64) and source at https://people.debian.org/~pochu/lts/libxslt/


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