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Re: Bug#798979: [SECURITY] [DSA 3359-1] virtualbox security update

Hi Dirk,

>your recommendation has produced bug #798979 and meanwhile 16 e-mails.
>Why didn't you restrict these obviously not enough tested changes to 
>distributions other than "stable" and "oldstable" or at least to those 
>users who want to work with WiFi? As for Debian no homebanking programs 
>are available which are able to handle with my RSA-chipcard, I am thrown 
>on Windows under VirtualBox. If a new installation of the VM will be 
>necessary I may be confronted with the loss of all my homebanking data, 
>what an awful idea!

Hi Dirk, first, you can always downgrade virtualbox, and you have plenty of google
links teaching you how to cope with that.

I can't reproduce the problem, and I'm trying together with upstream my best to fix it.

For sure your bug report started with

"virtualbox: DSA-3359-1 causes VBoxClient to send error message "The VirtualBox kernel
service is not running" and to break off."
and no bug content, so you didn't gave me enough stuff to work on.

anyway, I have some questions for you, while I'm trying hardly to reproduce the problem

(I did install and upgrade on a clean jessie without *any* issue in restarting VMs)

I had similar reports in ubuntu, and they were caused by people running the virtualbox install from Oracle website
(not the deb file, because we conflict with them) and then not completely purging virtualbox prior
to install the Debian package.

So if you really care about your VM you need to give us more information such as:

1) did you have a clean system?
2) can you please provide english logs?
3) can you please try to purge virtualbox (maybe from synaptic) and install it again?

in the last case I would like to see the full install log, and for sure all the log files
mentioned in a possible failure.



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