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Bash still vulnerable (4.2+dfsg-0.1+deb7u1)

Hey guys,

according to a twitter post (https://twitter.com/taviso/status/514887394294652929) , the patch which came out last night is still vulnerable:

this part was fixed by 4.2+dfsg-0.1+deb7u1:
denny@bortfeldt.net:~$ env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c "echo this is a test"
bash: warning: x: ignoring function definition attempt
bash: error importing function definition for `x'
this is a test

but this is still useable:
denny@dbortfeldt:~$ env X='() { (a)=>\' bash -c "echo echo vuln"; [[ "$(cat echo)" == "vuln" ]] && echo "still vulnerable :("
bash: X: Zeile 1: Syntaxfehler beim unerwarteten Wort »=«
bash: X: Zeile 1: `'
bash: Fehler beim Importieren der Funktionsdefinition für »X«.
still vulnerable :(

Is it possible to fix also the 2nd part so that bash is really not vulnerable at all? I saw that Gentoo patched the bash also twice.

Thanks in advance.


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