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Re: Mensaje Ausencia

On Wed, Aug 06, 2014 at 01:49:21AM -0700, Grond wrote:

> A vacation notice to a mailing list?
> I mean; really?

Something to consider is that lots of folks run statistical filters that do a
great job of noting and nuking these things. However, when you copy the
effective spam in its entirety in your top-posted reply, the question arises
as to whether the reply should also be considered spam or not. Either your
reply weakens the spamminess of the original message or it is itself tossed
into the spam classifier, thus making your own messages marginally more
likely to be considered to be spam, and neither of those are great results.

In order of relevance and importance as I see it:

 1. Please don't reply to things that should be treated as spam .

 2. Please don't quote spam or things that should be treated like spam back
    to the list where you saw it, to avoid the classification tangle noted.

 3. Please don't top-post.

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