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Re: L2TP/IPSec on Mac OSX stop working after openswan upgrade [with patches]

On Tue, 29 Apr 2014, Liu DongMiao wrote:
> After checking the patch, I found the it's CVE-2013-6466.patch, it
> removes the compatible code for mac os x and ios, which use a bad
> draft. Now, I have fixed this, and test on mac os x and ios. However,
> I didn't test on other platform, such as linux, windows.

Did you test to make sure you did not reintroduce CVE-2013-6466?  While your
patch is simple, the patch that fixed CVE-2013-6466 is not and touched a lot
of code.  It was not immediately obvious -- at least to me -- that
reenabling the compatibiliy code will still work well after the changes done
to fix CVE-2013-6466.

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