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Re: Debian APT Key Revocation Procedure

On Thu, 31 Oct 2013, adrelanos wrote:
> But what could you do with the revocation certificate?
> Only manually spread the news and ask users to obtain the revocation
> certificate?

We would widely publish that information, that's a given.  But it is not the
only way to publish the revocation certificate and the replacement keys.

> Or will the apt on Debian user's machines somehow learn about that
> revocation certificate? If so, how does that procedure work? Where is it
> configured?

I believe we'd deploy a security update of the "debian-archive-keyring"
package, with the updated key material and revocation certificates.  There
are backup keys to allow for key rollover.

Now, this does NOT address all scenarios.  It is not a perfect solution.

For a more precise answer, please ask the debian-admin ML.

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