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Re: Upcoming stable point release (7.2)

Adam D. Barratt <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> (2013-09-22):
> The next point release for "wheezy" (7.2) is scheduled for Saturday 
> October 12th.  Stable NEW will be frozen during the preceding weekend.

So there's a new linux kernel for that one:

which I haven't tested at all; there's kfreebsd-9 as well, along with
flash-kernel, multipath-tools, gnupg, grub2, and libgcrypt11 (looking
at the udeb-producing packages on the current p-u summary[1]).

 1. http://release.debian.org/proposed-updates/stable.html

I wonder whether we need/want to fix iso-scan's #722711 in stable as
well. I haven't yet investigated if stable is affected and what the
fix looks like, though; just mentioning it in case somebody wants to
look into it.

-boot@, if anyone sees something that needs fixing in stable and
wasn't spotted/marked as such until now, please speak up.


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