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Re: Compromising Debian Repositories

Quoting Paul Henning (vxbinaca@gmail.com):

> Yes, kick Kurt Roeckx from his admin privileges to start. It's the easiest
> most basic thing you can do. Zero tolerance for crippling software like he
> did and it should go for everyone, lest you want another scandal. He still
> maintains the critical package that he was either threatened or paid -
> probably the latter - to cripple the entropy on by the NSA, and they've had
> a war on randomness for a long time now.

I've seen no credible reason to think No Such Agency was in any way
behind Roeckx's blunder.   Even Ben Laurie, who had little polite to say
about Mr. Roeckx in general, made no such charge.

> It should have been done in 2008 when it was discovered after 3 years
> (that long? perhaps other heads should roll too). 

Two years, FWIW.

For any who missed the scandal or need cribnotes:

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