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Default root password, username/password

Yes, I know I really should research this a bit more. I beg forgiveness, as I've got medical appointments over the next few days and really genuinely don't have time right now (for those who were at the Bluehackers BoF at Linux.conf.au last week will hopefully understand).

What I'd like to know is about the default root password and default username/password pairs on the wheezy installer (for this is the version I'm running as my 'introduction' to Debian).

It would seem to me that accepting 'password' and 'rootpassword' for the root user during the install phase we'd accept, albeit grudgingly, last century and is somewhat unforgivable in the second decade of this one. Similarly, that the default user can have the same password as the username seems very poor.

As I remarked to others on an IRC channel this morning, it's very handy for short lived VM's but that's about the only functionality that I believe it's excusable for. Is there a technical reason this 'ability' still exists?


Peter Lawler.

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