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Re: [Announcement] PenTest Open 1/2013 released.

PenTest Open is released on a monthly basis, but at the same time it is the 5th line of PenTest Mag, and available for free.

Apart from PenTest Open, there are 4 lines of PenTest Mag, each released monthly, which gives mentioned 48 issues. All are included in paid subscription, which costs $221.40.

I agree I miscalculated the price for one issue though, my bad.
It's obviously $2.05, thank you for pointing it.

Warm regards,

Maciej Kozuszek
PenTest Magazine Product Manager
PenTest Laboratory Product Manager
eForensics Magazine Product Manager


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W dniu 2013-01-29 14:26, Bert Greene pisze:
The last time I looked, "released on a monthly basis" = 12 issues/year.

The last time I did arithmetic, $221.40/(12 issues + 60 issues) = $3.075/issue.

Even if there were 48 months in 2013,
$221.40/(48 issues + 60 issues) = $2.05/issue, not $1/issue.

Perhaps your calendar and your calculator have both been owned?

Best of luck to you.

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