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MySQL Local Crash Vulnerability



Create crash with:


Verified against:


I had hoped that this would have been addressed here:

mysql-5.1 (5.1.61-0+squeeze1) stable-security; urgency=high

  * SECURITY UPDATE: Unspecified vulnerabilities identified by Oracle.
    in all versions of MySQL 5.1 earlier than 5.1.61. CVE list is as
    follows: CVE-2011-2262 CVE-2012-0075 CVE-2012-0087 CVE-2012-0101
    CVE-2012-0102 CVE-2012-0112 CVE-2012-0113 CVE-2012-0114 CVE-2012-0115
    CVE-2012-0116 CVE-2012-0118 CVE-2012-0119 CVE-2012-0120 CVE-2012-0484
    CVE-2012-0485 CVE-2012-0490 CVE-2012-0492. (Closes: #659687)
  * d/patches/61_CVE* - Removed as the new upstream version carries all of
    these fixes.
  * d/patches/99_fix_testsuite_for_installed_env.dpatch: Superseded
  * Upstream removed the file file EXCEPTIONS-CLIENT from their tarballs,
    however the exception is still granted.

But I guess not. Of course Oracle isn't terribly helpful on the exact fix for the problem...

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