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Re: [Pkg-ia32-libs-maintainers] A security bug in Debian Squeeze libtiff (+ non-updated ia32-libs??)


On Sat, April 7, 2012 06:24, Mikulas Patocka wrote:
> There is a security bug in Debian Squeeze libtiff 3.9.4-5+sq.

Thanks for reporting. Just to clarify, which package version is this
exactly? There seems to be something missing from the version number you

> BTW. how does Debian security deal with the ia32-libs package? There is a
> 32-bit version of libtiff in the package ia32-libs in
> /usr/lib32/libtiff.so.4.3.3 and it seems that it isn't being updated it at
> all !

The ia32-libs package is updated every point release: security updates
that were released in the period since the last point release are included
in an updated ia32-libs package in that point release. The most recent
version of ia32-libs is 20120102 and contains tiff 3.9.4-5+squeeze3.


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