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icedove 3.0.11-1+squeeze7 security update induced bug from testing

This was posted on #626812, but I'm not sure it got the
attention it deserves (The previous message was already 6 months old):

Jan Harnisch <jan.willi@bnhof.de>, Sun, 12 Feb 2012 01:23:42 +0100:
> Package: icedove
> Version: 3.0.11-1+squeeze7
> Hi,
> it seems the bug found its way into Squeeze with the latest security 
> update. Briefly tried the above workarounds, but so far without success.
> Best regards
> Jan

I can confirm that the bug is now in Squeeze. It affects most
of our icedove setups. The suggested workaround "LD_BIND_NOW=1 icedove"
worked on both an amd64 and an i386 machine. After one successful launch
the linker variable isn't needed again unless ~/.icedove/ is removed.

Unfortunately, I'm not much into linking, but would like to direct
attention to this bug. I could also provide lists of installed packages
for both affected and unaffected packages, even before monday if it
really helps.

-Jens Stimpfle

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