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Re: how to fix rootkit?

Quoting Rick Moen:

> Quoting Laurentiu Pancescu (lpancescu@googlemail.com):

>> I was wondering if we're not losing perspective of what is realistic
>> in a certain situation, especially for people without previous
>> experience in handling such attacks and whose job is not necessarily
>> a full-time system administrator.

> 1.  If you are running an *ix, you're a system administrator.

Sounds fine. Was maybe reality ten or fifteen years ago. Nowadays
ninetysomething percent of all people who are running some kind of *ix
have just downloaded and installed Ubuntu or Mint or Debian or some
other easy to install distribution (myself included) or have it got
pre-installed on their netbooks or network devices and (hopefully)
learn to fix problems as they ocur.

But then, most of those probably won't participate in this list anyway.
So you might be right that the majority of the people on this
list are some kind of system administrators.

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