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Re: NIS password hashes fails from Redhat/Mandriva Linux

El Jan 12, 2012, a las 18:32, Bichoy Waguih <bichoy@mems-vision.com> escribió:
> I highly appreciate your support and suggestions.
> -Bichoy

Disregarding the fact that your question is probably off topic, I'll try to point you in a direction that might help you. You may want to submit this to a "user" list or use a forum. 

1. getent passwd returns the remote users too?
2. if not, check nsswitch.conf and other related files (Pam module config, libs/plugins etc...)
3. if yes, try login from console, ssh or su. they use different config from Pam.d and they might need to be updated. 
4. don't forget to check security/limits.comf

It could also be some config or binary having the wrong permissions. You would have a better idea of when this box was built and if it might have been modified. 

I would install on a clean machine and try from there.

Hope that helps. 

Luis Mondesí

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