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Re: ksplice for debian kernel DSA's

Sergey B Kirpichev wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone have used ksplice to patch standard debian
> kernels?  How do you prepare an update for regular kernel DSA's?
> Some time ago Oracle have bought Ksplice and now their
> Ksplice Uptrack for Debian is available for legacy customers
> only.  Probably, it's not a bad idea to provide ksplice patches
> (at least for some DSA) and distribute them across Debian
> own infrastructure, not rely on external services.
> Does this possibility was ever considered by the security
> team (or Debian kernel maintainers)?

Of course anything is possible given a sufficiently interested
volunteer and (of course) time.  If you're interested in as-yet
unavailable features in Debian, you're the best resource to make them

Best wishes,

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