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Re: Zope2 packaging

>> In addition,  several Zope applications, like Plone,  require a specific
>> Zope version. Therefore, we also would  like to be able to offer, at the
>> same time, several  major versions of Zope (2.12  and 2.13 for example),
>> like we once did  for Zope 2.9 and 2.10, and like  we do for versions of
>> Python.

2 versions should be the maximum you aim at from ftpmaster PoV.
For *short* times 3, but you should have a plan to get rid of the oldest
when you add a new one to the archive.

>> 1/ Versionning each  component of the ztk so we can  install at the same
>>    time zope-foo 1.2.1 and zope-foo 1.3.0.

>> 2/ Packaging inside a zope2.12  package all the requirements of zope2.12
>>    which are not the current mainstream ztk.

>> Even if  we don't  really like  it, the second  solution seems  the only
>> viable solution  because of  the number of  modules and the  breakage in
>> backward-compatibility. Not  doing so would  require versionned packages
>> for the 89  eggs required by Zope 2.12, and the  same for those required
>> by Zope 2.13.

>From ftpmaster PoV you should reduce code duplication as much as
possible, don't have a trillion very small packages and dont have
unneccessary many versions of the same thing in the archive. All the
rest we care about is covered by "the usual set" any package needs
And then we dont care HOW you package it, have fun.

bye, Joerg
Somebody COULD get hurt … COULD … but chances are they won’t.

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