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Re: World writable pid and lock files.

On Tue, 10 May 2011, helpermn wrote:
> I imagine why files listed below have 666 file mode bits set:
> /var/run/checkers.pid
> /var/run/vrrp.pid
> /var/run/keepalived.pid
> /var/run/starter.pid
> /var/lock/subsys/ipsec
> Files are created during startup of ipsec (pluto) and keepalived
> deamons.
> I think thar leaving them world writable is security hole. For
> example delete or change of its content could confuses monit
> watching them running and restarting when they die.

You could get the initscripts to send signals to any PID you want, so
yes, it is a nasty security issue.

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