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Zope2 packaging


Once upon  a time,  zope2.X could be  easily installed on  Debian (until
2.10), and thanks to dzhandle, it was pretty easy and straightforward to
use. Unfortunately it is not  anymore since the upstream decided to move
to  a modularized  approach (with  ZTK) ratherthan  having  a monolithic
tarball, which is a good thing, in most cases at least.

Unfortunately, it has became a  nightmare from a packager point of view,
because  each released version  of Zope  depends upon  specific versions
of these modules, which sometimes (often?)  include backward-incompatible
changes, thus leading to  conflicting dependencies between each released

Moreover,  as of  Zope 2.12,  there  are about  89 eggs  pulled down  as
dependencies  when using  the regular  build process  and the  number is
growing because  more and more duplicated  code with ZTK  is being moved
out of Zope2.

In addition,  several Zope applications, like Plone,  require a specific
Zope version. Therefore, we also would  like to be able to offer, at the
same time, several  major versions of Zope (2.12  and 2.13 for example),
like we once did  for Zope 2.9 and 2.10, and like  we do for versions of

We thought about two solutions to address these issues:

1/ Versionning each  component of the ztk so we can  install at the same
   time zope-foo 1.2.1 and zope-foo 1.3.0.

2/ Packaging inside a zope2.12  package all the requirements of zope2.12
   which are not the current mainstream ztk.

Even if  we don't  really like  it, the second  solution seems  the only
viable solution  because of  the number of  modules and the  breakage in
backward-compatibility. Not  doing so would  require versionned packages
for the 89  eggs required by Zope 2.12, and the  same for those required
by Zope 2.13.

The  purpose of this  email is  actually to  let the  debian-release and
debian-security teams  know before finalizing  the package, thus  we can
make sure  that the package gets  accepted and gets advices  as well. We
realize that's  a big burden for  those teams because  of the duplicated
modules, but we are willing to take care of that as much as possible.

On behalf of the Zope2 packagers,
Arnaud Fontaine and Gaël Le Mignot

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