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Re: aptitude upgrade vs. apt-get upgrade

On 04/03/2011 10:54 PM, Kete wrote:
> On Sunday April 3, 2011 4:28:06 am Riku Valli wrote:
>> After i upgrade my system from Lenny to Squeeze. Aptitudes packet states
>> were messed and i must made lot of work to sync it again and apt-get
>> shows states right a way.
> By the way, if you didn't tell aptitude to "keep-all", then it would uninstall 
> packages installed by apt-get. The man page goes into more detail.

Yes, i read about and googled it, but at you can used this to sync, is
between lines :) Lot of work to found one option. Because this was my
first time when package states were out of sync in upgrades since slink.

I have little bit spare time and seems at there is best answer with
package management system is recommend.

Pointer which i founded by Google.


and right place.


The Debian package management system has a rich history and many choices
for the front end user program and back end archive access method to be
used. Currently, we recommend the following.

    * apt-get(8) for all commandline operations, including package
installation and removal, and dist-upgrades.
    * aptitude(8) for an interactive text interface to manage the
installed packages and to search the available packages.
    * update-manager(8) for keeping your system up-to-date if you're
running the default GNOME desktop.

Regards, Riku

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