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Re: some feedback about security from the user's point of view

Quoting Naja Melan (najamelan@gmail.com):

> Some weeks ago I decided to have a look at debian and quite soon ran into
> questions and problems considering the security of debian. I would like to
> share some of those questions, remarks in this mail in the hope of
> stimulating a discussion[...]

It seems frankly difficult to distinguish between that and a troll who
doesn't do his homework.  I don't think you even understand the concept 
of threat models, to start with, and this isn't an appropriate place to get
taught basic concepts.

I suspect the Security Team are carefully sitting on their hands and
muttering 'I really don't have time to educate this person', just like
last time you tried this. 

Rick (Not speaking for anyone; just a sysadmin) Moen  
McQ!  (4x80)

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