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Re: crappy mouse patch from security perspective

2011/1/9 shirish शिरीष <shirishag75@gmail.com>
hmm..... true true. While I do understand I don't think I'm capable
enough for the 'understanding the code' part of thing.

If you're capable of navigating the mailing lists and the Debian repositories, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to learn how to read the code for a mouse driver. Not that I've read the code for a mouse driver myself (I prefer coding for the Web), but still - if other people can do it, why not you?
This is on top
of my head but are there any tools which one could run on any code and
atleast know of the obvious or maybe not so obvious issues.

On a patch alone? Doubt it. Maybe an antivirus program would work?

Running an antivirus on the relevant program once the patch has been inserted into the code might be worthwhile, though, if you're worried. Maybe "Clam" or some other package like that.

I'm afraid that's all I can contribute to this thread, as I'm short of time, but I repeat my wish for good luck in your quest!

- spk

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