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Re: exim4 router problems since 2 days / sucpicous process "zinit" is pstree

  Izak Burger writes

> Nothing exciting ...

  If you need excitement come over here. I had a box infected
  by the DSA-2131 vulnerabilty. It wouldn't resinstall psutils,
  griping not having permission to cp /bin/ps or somethnig.
  I copied chattr from another box, nebka, with the same architecture.

  Then I did

chattr -sia /bin/ps ; scp root@nebka:/usr/bin/ps /usr/bin/ps ; sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall procps

  for all every binary (here ps) procps did succesively complain 
  it could not install. This solved the issue after a whole
  bunch of iterations.


  Thomas Krichel                    http://openlib.org/home/krichel
                                               skype: thomaskrichel

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