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Re: Lenny version info


Chris Bannister wrote:
On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 03:05:45PM +1030, Ashvin Narayanan wrote:
Thanks Jim/Michael for taking time to show me how to use Google instead of
simply pointing me to debian-users.

Naturally, I assume you would do a google first!!! Just think, in a few
years time if someone googles your name, will they think you
ignorant/lazy and not able to use a search engine?

I don't understand why everyone thinks a personal attack is in order here???????

The following from one of my own fully updated Debian servers is as follows:
  	# cat /etc/issue
        Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 \n \l

That doesn't tell me a great deal in itself -- should it also say "Lenny" ? I think it should, but I don't make those decisions; it certainly is debatable.

The latest stable release today is 5.0.7 ... but that is the whole distro, not just "which Linux do I have".

What version of Linux .... well, the only simple answer is, see your kernel version from:
       # cat /proc/version

Most of us know, fwiw, that Linux is just the kernel, with the distro counting for much more overall. The file /etc/issue may not exist on all Linux distros either.

Of course there are other methods / tools and even further questions, I'm sure.

Perhaps a look at /etc/apt/sources.list would be in order too, for some more answers. And being a Debian distro, some reading of man pages for dpkg as well.

And yes, the query should have been sent to debian-users, but that doesn't mean a personal attack is warranted, does it? Do you want to drive Debian users away or encourage them to stay?

Google has many answers, and some might be better searching:

However, Google doesn't have all the answers, a polite response may have been a better outcome in this case and other somewhat considered "trivial" cases -- it was good enough to spend the time attacking a person, but not good enough to help with a real answer? Sure, some questions are "too trivial and seem to be noise for noise sake", so just ignore them and let the person asking such questions consider again how to ask a "good" question or do some of their own "ground work" first.

Whilst searching Google will give many answers, sometimes the answer simply lies within the machine in question itself and maybe even it's own dedicated mailing list users whom would like to "help" and promote their disto of choice, rather than dampen the spirits of an enquirer.

As we say in AU, "Fair go."

Kind Regards

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