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Re: New Lenny Point Release


* Sander <sander@humilis.net> [2010-12-01 11:09:21 CET]:
> Philipp Kern wrote (ao):
> > a new Lenny point release is to be pushed onto the mirrors in about an hour.
> > An announcement will be sent by the press team, too.
> The link "press release" on http://debian.org/releases/stable/ points to
> http://debian.org/News/2009/20090214 while that should be
> http://debian.org/News/2010/20101127

 Actually I don't think so, no. The major changes the text refers to are
about the lenny release itself, not the point release. point releases
don#t include major changes, "only" security and otherwise serious
bugfix updates.

 Yes, the text will definitely need improvement in that respect to be
less misleading, and you can find the links to the different point
releases following the link further down on the release page about "a
list of the major known problems" which contain the list of all the
point release updates.

 I'll be thinking of how to reword the release page itself to make it
less ambiguous; if someone else has a suggestion to improve this feel
free to come up with a suggestion, too. Changing the link in the
suggested way will lose valuable information, though.

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