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Re: [SRM] clamav 0.94.x EOL

On Fri, 2010-04-09 at 15:03 +0300, Török Edwin wrote:
> Is there anything going to be done with the package currently in Lenny?
> It won't work at all after that date, and I've just seen someone on 
> #clamav who had not clue what debian-volatile is, or that he needs to 
> upgrade.

There was a posting to the debian-security-announce list last year,
which announced that the security team would no longer be supporting the
versions of clamav in etch and lenny and pointing users to volatile
instead -

Anyone running or supporting stable systems should be subscribed to and
following debian-security-announce.

We're currently looking at getting updates for the few other packages
which depend on libclamav in lenny added to the volatile archive.
Assuming all goes well, the ideal plan would then be to add the updated
packages to lenny as part of a future point release.

> Is there a way to notify the users? (NEWS file in package, debconf 
> question telling them about the EOL, and asking to upgrade, ...)

None of those are possible without a package update, which requires a
point release.



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