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GPG, Seahorse, and Enigmail

hi all,

i recently installed lenny on an older machine which was previously
running ubuntu.  in ubuntu, i had everything setup so that my GPG key
passphrase was saved in seahorse, and whenever i sent an e-mail in
thunderbird, enigmail would grab the key from seahorse and sign and/or
encrypt my message.

i've extracted from a backup my ~/.mozilla-thunderbird,
~/.gnome2/keyrings, and ~/.gnupg directories to the new lenny installation.

in seahorse-preferences, i can see two keyrings: default and login
(login being the one that was replaced from the backup).  i changed the
password for the login keyring to match my system password.

after re-logging in, in seahorse i can now see all my GPG keys, and, in
the 'passwords' tab, i can see that it has my PGP key passphrase.
indeed, i can go to the properties of this item and see that it does
have the correct password stored.

however, over in thunderbird (or icedove, rather), when i go to send a
message, i receive a 'bad passphrase' error:

enigmail> /usr/bin/gpg --charset utf8 --no-use-agent --batch --no-tty
--status-f d 2 -a -t -e --trust-model always --encrypt-to 0xDBBDF2A0 -r
0xDBBDF2A0 -u 0xDBB DF2A0 gpg: 0xDBBDF2A0: skipped: public key already
enigmail> /usr/bin/gpg --charset utf8 --no-use-agent --batch --no-tty
--status-f d 2 --digest-algo sha256 -a -t -e -s --trust-model always
--encrypt-to 0xDBBDF2A 0 -r 0xDBBDF2A0 -u 0xDBBDF2A0 --passphrase-fd 0
--no-use-agent gpg: skipped "0xDBBDF2A0": bad passphrase gpg: [stdin]:
sign+encrypt failed: bad passphrase enigmail.js:
Enigmail.encryptMessageEnd: Error in command execution

i've successfully done this transfer between ubuntu machines over the
years, so i'm not sure what i missed.  enigmail should communicate with
seahorse to get the passphrase.  is it a matter of the different
versions of the applications that ubuntu/debian use?


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